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Horse Care & Supplements

For the horse who is lacking nutrients, needs help to get that extra edge at the races or sore muscles we have a remedy. We carry a large selection of products for a variety of issues that may arise in the daily care of horses. Cracking or brittle feet, ulcers, sore joints & muscles, coughs and heaves, hair & skin issues, dewormers, cribbing or nervousness are common problems we can help you with. We carry many brand names you may be familair with for example Life Data, Pennwoods, Finish Line, Select, Omega Alpha, Kane Vet, McIntosh, Kevin Bacon, Pharm-vet, Pureform , Easy Motion, Absorbine and many more. We carry a large selection of water , feed and heated buckets.



Store Hours

Thursday ONLY:
9:00am – 5:00pm